1999 Voyager








1999 Plymouth Voyager







We had gotten all the life out of our 1991 Ford Taurus and then some. After fixing the transaxle (twice) the fuel system or the computer or something of that nature was plaguing it. We sold it for 200 bucks and it was good riddance. This was it’s replacement.










I found it at a car lot in Renton Wa. after searching for a few days, and after some deliberation it was chosen from a few different ones. It had no power windows or locks, that was a good thing. It had AC, it was fairly comfortable to drive and had as much zip as the Taurus when it was running good. And it had space, we still needed a people hauler with 3 kids. Easy to see out of, and more space than a wagon. We had a Mecury Marquis (ok, it was like a Fairmont) wagon prior to the Taurus, and this seemed like a large change. I was hoping Trina would like it, and she did. After a couple days she would never have a wagon again. This was her new car. It only had about 60,000 miles on it.

1-10-2012 Update -I still have this van, it has 240,000 miles on it, I have replaced the starter, alternator, brakes (a few times), and water pump. (also tires of course), but it has been good to us, and still is. It pulled James’ boat all the way from Washington State, and we use it for the pig trailer now, as well as most everything else.
































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