Here are most of the autos I’ve owned in the approximate chronological order..

1967 Plymouth Barracuda... 273

1968 F-250...390GT, C6, (UGLY truck...)

1970 Ford Torino Cobra Super Stock racecar

1970 Ford Cortina... 1.6 Kent, 4 sp

1971 Ford Pinto...2.0

1974 Opel Kadet 1.9

1974 Opel Manta 1.9

1974 Mercury Capri (the Brown one) 2.8

1982 Plymouth Sapporro (By Marriage)

1967 Falcon 4Dr 289

1974 Mercury Capri (the yellow one) 2.8/302

1976 Ford Courier...3.8 (Ford), C4 (Cool truck!)

1972 LTD Wagon, (“Beastie”) 400, FMX?

1974 Mercury Capri (the purple one) 2.8

1976 Bobcat Wagon 2.8

1972? Honda CVCC

1977 F-150 4X4, 429, C6

1982 Mercury Marquis Wagon (Fairmont style) 3.8

1989 Mercury Sable...3.8

1979 Ford Fairmont

1971 Datsun Pickup with a Jeep under carriage and dead Buick 3.8

1981 Ford Courier with 10’ Flatbed, 302, C4

1991 Ford Taurus...3.0

1986 Chev Celebrity

1982? Mazda Pickup...

1974 Chev Pickup...350

1989 Dodge Caravan ...2.5

1986 Plymouth Voyager 2.5

1977 E-250 Ford Van with high, fibreglass RV top, 351W, C6

1999 Plymouth Voyager...3.3

1986? F-700 20’ moving truck 370

1995 Dodge Caravan 3.8

1993 Dodge Caravan 3.0










































1981 Ford Courier, and 1976 Ford Courier

I made the decision to trade  trucks. The red one was a shortbed,  got better mileage, drove better, was  faster, more sporty, so of course I  wanted the white one... what's wrong  with that...?and where is the rest of it? Look down a couple pictures. The white truck was a trade for some welding. We got the cab of the truck for making a trailer out of the cube that was on the rear, (it was a U-Haul)



So we had the cab of this at the shop for a year or so until I figured what to do with it and gathered parts. We had a 302, automatic with lockup converter and built the rear frame and extended the wheelbase about 2-1/5 feet. We added a full section of stock driveline and built a 10 foot by 6-1/2 foot bed. There is also a rack that bolts onto the front bumper and headboard and another that bolts to the rear of the bed and the headboard so we can haul 20 foot material on top. Both sides of the 2-1/4 dual exhaust exit out the passenger side. Ride-Rite airbags help the stock springs carry a load.






















1986? Chev Celebrity
We traded a hitch job for this car. It lasted for a while and My sister sold it for us.























1972 Ford LTD Wagon
This car I bought from the original owner for 275 dollars. We drove it a bit, then gave it to a demo driver. He did pretty well in it he said, like 2nd or 3rd. He said it had more  power than most of the other cars there. It made 2 or 3 outings before the officials said he couldn't run it any more, it looked too dangerous. Look at the lower pic, yes I DID say it was a wagon...really. It had a bent frame after the first demo so the guy used a track hoe to grab the back and tweak it...er......straight?






















Well, I couldn't part with the whole truck...I made a handy little trailer out of the rear of the 1976 Courier. I also made a top for it and it has a small rack on it. I used bed liner in-a-can on the bed and it has worked great.I connected the e-brake cables to a Pinto hand brake that I welded to the tongue. The gas tank was left in for camping trips, but we haven't used it for that. It's just a garbage trailer for now.






















1989 Dodge Caravan
This thing had a blown head gasket when we got  it, we had that fixed and the fuel pump went out a  week later. I put a lot of miles on this one and the computer died so we sold it. It had quite the  rocking stereo, 2- 10" woofers in the back door,  8" in the front doors, as well as 5-1/4".  There were 5" in the kick panels also. Power  came from a 400 watt Radio Shack Optimus amp, that worked well. I had a picture of Larry Boy (Larry the Cucumber’s alter ego) in the back window, so it got dubbed the “Larry Mobile”






















1967 Baracuda, my actuall first car. I never got it on the road. I sold it I think for a hundred bucks, and got ripped off for that. You can see my second car behind it...























1968 F250 My second car. It belonged to a glass company so when I got it it had no bed. I had access to a free 1980 bed....and we made it fit. Later I primed it and you can see it in the fuzzy pic with the car #14 in it below




This is the 1970 Ford Torino we had turned into a super stock. My step dad raced it for a couple years, and then replaced it with a 1976 Gran Torino he aquired from  another team. I bought this one from Laury and raced a few times, before I realized I didn't have the money to race. My number was 14. The crumby pic behind the pickup is all I have of it when I had it. That is the same pickup as in the pic just above it, I had primered it.













































1970 Ford Cortina GT



























1991 Ford Taurus
When the 1982 Marquis died we bought this. The tranny died about 2 years later. Seatac Trans rebuit it and it died 2 weeks later. They fixed it no charge. Good guys. It developed a problem with the injectors we believe, and we sold it.











1956 Clark Yard Lift
6 cyl "L"head Continental Propane beast.






















1986 Plymouth Voyager
The engine it had was toast, we got a good runner from a friend for free, out of a Lebaron that had an engine fire. Little did we know that the width was different...The original engine was a 2.6 which was carburated, the 2.5 was never offered with a carb, only injection. Also the engine was not equiped with a distributor with a vacuum advance. I had a distributor from a Ford 2000 which I machined to accept the 2.5's driven gear, and machined the body to fit into the 2.5. I then wired the Dura Spark box into the van. We made an adapter to mount a 1bbl off a Ford six cylinder, and it ran great! Just that when I went to install the axles, one was too long, we reworked the axle to fit. I drove it for  a while then it sat for a couple years. I revived it  again but had too many problems with the carb and the trans started to die so we junked it. I wish I had it now for the K-10 Caravan project ...




























































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