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Red Wattle Hogs, Some chickens, turkeys, and some cows, and some goats are the livestock we have here right now.

This page is basically a pointer page to get you to the part of our farm that you are interested in. I have set up a few sub sites to make updating the site easier. To see images of the farm in general go here.



We are on just over 60 acres, just South of Shiner, Texas. We have generally around 8-10 cows, and a bull. At different times of the year we have calves. We raise a mix of cows, not a specific breed, they are mostly, black Brangus.

I started raising Red Wattle Hogs in 2010, and have a pretty good group of breeders together. I sell registered breeders, feeders, and finishers.

I sold a couple of feeder Red Wattles to a couple from San Antonio, and we traded a few chickens for one of the feeders. They brought a good mix of heritage birds out, including Lyle, the polish rooster. I enjoy them and their eggs. The flock we have now are descended from that original group, as well as some Creme Legbar, and Black Copper Marans we got after that. I generally hatch about 100 or more each year, to chose some breeders from, and to have chickens to process for on-farm use.

I have a few gardens, and area where the fruit and nut Orchard is beginning as well as Grapes and Blackberries in the works.
































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