Book 1 - My Hogs



















These are very general pages on my hogs, I tend to post more often on the Blog as far as day to day stuff that is happening, so this is going to be a general - quick catchup from the beginning... I will call them ‘Books’. Below is Book 1.




  • Chapter 1

       I did research for some time on the internet and decided I wanted to get Red Wattles; partly because they sort of are from Texas, partly because they are a lean meat hog; and partly because they are endangered and need help. Then again I just happened to find one on Craigslist... She was named Little Red Girl, and I got her on Valentines day. She’s a real sweetheart, lol I think she was around 50 pounds.


    Lesson ONE in hind sight, if you are buying one, get a trio to start with, if you have the chance.

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  • In-Pig at last?
  • The Sequel