Historical Project














  I have decided to embark on a special project.
   Why? Because I feel it needs to be done. I think it is important. That’s all.

   Here is the problem, I can not do this. I do not have what I need, the information is locked away in the far reaches of farms and files all over this country, and beyond. The history of the Red Wattle Hog is confusing, distorted, convoluted, and it seems to change with the seasons. I think that needs to change, I would like to compile a detailed accounting of the early history of breeders, and their animals and their efforts to bring this fantastic animal back into the farms of today for us to enjoy.

I have had a positive response from the few people I have contacted so far and I am trying to be methodical in cataloging the info obtained. If there is info about you, or photos you do not want here, please contact me and they will be promptly removed, or credited to you, whichever you wish. I do not want to hurt anyone here, just document the breed’s history.

This is my page to keep track of this project. I will list any and all contributors (unless they want to be anonymous) I have a download of the current collection of documents as well.

You ask, “What can I do?” You can make an enormous difference if you have knowledge of records, photos, stories, contacts that might help find info. Anything regarding the earliest info on the Red Wattle breed.




Below is the message I have put together to beg for information. Yes, I will beg for this, it is really that important.

If you know someone that might have info, please send this to them, including my contact info at the bottom. If you have received an e-mail from me and found this page from there, please consider what you can add to the history of this breed. Thank You!







   I am inquiring about possible information of historical significance about the Red Wattle breed of hogs. I have owned Red Wattles for only 3 years, but am very interested in obtaining and preserving information about the earliest known history of breeders, stories, photos, etc, possible for the files of the Red Wattle Hog Association. I feel this is important as we breeders and our hogs get older, to pass on the information we have to the next generation of breeders.

   I certainly am not implying that you, or I, or our hogs are particularly old... but someday we will be. I hope I can compile enough information through some of our more experienced Red Wattle folks to at least have a good story of the re-emergence of the breed from the wilds of Texas and beyond; and if we get extremely lucky, maybe a few tidbits of info about the earliest herd of Red Waddles. I am afraid any information of the very origins are permanently lost, and I would hate to have this happen again to our beloved Red Wattle breed.

   I am also requesting information from other sources, the ALBC, and other breeders, past and present. I hope even a small percentage can help to piece together a more complete and varied view of the Red Wattle Hogs recent history than the somewhat sketchy patches we currently have.

   If you have anything at all, personal stories about early experiences and people involved with the breed, pictures, news clippings. Really, anything at all. Of the most significance are copies of old breeding records, and photos from the early breeding stock, for instance, pre-1990. I should say I also would like stuff from 1990 through 2000. After 2000 is pretty well documented in the RWHA database I think.

   This is a desperate attempt to do all I can, and anyone who can help by sending in anything helpful, either through e-mail, or hard copy, will get a copy of any info I compile, and be listed as contributors in the finished work. I hope to also make an electronic copy available to new members of the RWHA. Any documents, photos, etc that I receive will be copied and the originals sent to the Red Wattle Hog Association.

   Thank you so much,
   Mike Ohlhausen
   1832 CR 374
   Shiner, Tx 77984