Links to Order RW online




















You might want to buy some Red Wattle Pork, without having a 700 pound piggy in your backyard... If so, I will be adding links here to sites that sell it online.




I have a map on my Farm Page for Farmer’s Markets in Texas, check out one close to you for Heritage meats from Red Wattles as well other great sources. Get into the local foods offered in your area and support the local growers!



If you have a site where you sell Red Wattle Pork online, or if you know of one I would love to hear about it if you want to e-mail me


That said, I encourage you to look for a local source. The internet is a fantastic way to get hard to find things we want, just keep in mind the whole picture... It takes fuel to get it to you, so it should cost more than getting it local. If you spend your money local, it generally helps your neighbors more. Of course, it also takes fuel to get to the Farmer’s Market, so there is a point where it is more economical for you to order it. Just something to keep in mind... The ‘bigger picture’