Red Wattle Hogs For Sale







   If you would like me to list your Red Wattles for sale, or find some for sale, I have the classified section set up for them. These pages don’t get updated real often, and you can make changes and update the ads at your convenience. It is free, so tell your friends and neighbors, lol. You can also e-mail me to see what I have currently. Also check the other options at the bottom of this page.

   If you are touting these as being registrable, or if you are looking to buy registrable Red Wattle Hogs, please note - The seller of a registrable hog MUST be a member of the RWHA for the purchased hogs to be registered! There are also requirements the animal must meet to be registered. There are folks buying these wonderful hogs only to find they can not be registered. If there is any questions please e-mail the RWHA BEFORE you purchase them. They are great, and want you to have a good experience!
   The recommended practice is for the seller to cover the expense and submit the paperwork for the buyer. This will register the purchased piglets as long as all the paperwork is in order. If the new owner wants to sell registered Red Wattles, they must join the RWHA first... here is a link to the page with all the info you need to join, or register a hog, and more. Really, it’s not that difficult, just formalities and assurance the animals you are buying are what you think they are. A little Red tape, gives you a lot of peace of mind, that’s all!


































Please remember to check if the seller is a member of the RWHA if you want to register your hogs. Also it is a good idea to look through all the info at the RWHA website. There are tips for buying, what to look for, etc. If you have questions, there is a forum and links to e-mail the RWHA. Parts of the site require you to be a member, but there is a lot of info you can see there, if you want to post on the forums, you have to be a member of the RWHA Forum (not necessarily the RWHA)





Here are some other places to list or look for Red Wattle Hogs:







 - You can search Craigslist in an entire state with this - No listing them here





On the ALBC website - you can list here if you are a member - otherwise you can just look





On Facebook Marketplace (or oodle Marketplace)  (this will post to your FB wall as well I believe) You can find Livestock under Pets (silly I know but that's where they put it)





Here is another site