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You might want to find somone near to you that has Red Wattle hogs for sale, we have a couple maps that can help, or you can visit the Red Wattle Hog Association’s website, a great resource if you have Red Wattles, for checking breeding COI’s, pedigrees and lots of other info. They also have a forum you can read, if you are a member, you can post. They send out news letters with good info and help connect you to other Red Wattle breeders.

PS - For the members (note to self) - the membership dues are actually due January 1st for everyone, I keep forgetting...



If you want to be on these maps or edit the info showing for you, e-mail me. If you know someone who has Red Wattles, and is not here, have them e-mail me if they want to be listed here.










































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I also have a map of Farmer’s Markets in Texas where you can find all sorts of good stuff including Red Wattle Pork!