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We had a problem with the Toy starting and pinpointed it to the accelerator pump, which priced out at about 60+ bucks. It is not included in the carb kit, which made it silly to fix this carb. We looked for, found and ordered a Weber kit from RedLine. It was backordered for who knows how long so I canceled that and got an adapter, and put an Autolite on that I removed from a Ford 400ci in the junkyard. I stole the cable from the F-150 and it worked great. Fixed. There were a TON of pipe plugs to put in after removing a lot of extraneous apparatii. In the end it runs well, a smaller carb would have been nicer, but oh well. $50 for a carb, 30 for a kit, plus plugs and other stuff. We also replaced the vacuum advance, (it was cheaper to replace the entire Dist) near $70. The clutch fan was weak, so new one, $45. The radiator was crap, $135. Oil pan leaks, valve cover leaks, cover on the back of the head leaks... ugh, more parts, more labor... But I scavenged the muffler and tailpipe from a F-150 were scraping! Yea! A 2” exhaust pipe will give this thing lots more power... NOT, LOL





















































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