We had a flatbed from my brother Will’s Nissan he sold a while back. He built it when we were in Washington about 12 years ago or more. It had been sitting on the ground for years, here, and the wood was pretty punky. He donated it to the cause, so I replaced the wood, and mounted it onto the Toyota, and painted it with some paint I found in a shed. While the stock, rusted out bed was off, I took off the springs and added a few leafs from the F-150 bound for the scrap yard. While I was under the Ford, I cut off the tailpipe and muffler. I then replaced the Toyota pipe with the larger Ford. (Hey, I’m Cheap) It’s a larger pipe, and it was not so rusted. A little tough to weld with a stick, but it works. With the added height I had to replace the shocks with a couple Rancho 5000’s that are about 4 inches longer. Wood, and Shocks about $175 (?) and $8 for the wood preservative. The brake proportioning valve was leaking like crazy, so I removed it and used a coupler to tie the brake line back together. There is a line that goes to the front brakes that has to get removed as well. There is no problem with brakes locking, maybe because of the added weight of the flatbed.














Here you can see the shocks, springs, tailpipe, and paint.
Anyone have a set of good 30x9.5x15’s near Shiner?



























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