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   There was only one choice here, we wanted the Hauppauge Colossus. It has great set of options, and comes with all kinds of cables and dongles, IR blaster for the cable remote, and software for capturing, and all that jazz. Record 1080 HD, (or lower) and, yea, lots of good stuff for capture crazed kids. We only took a few weeks to figure out why we had nothing getting through the card to the TV. A comedy of errors and wrong thinking was finally fixed, and the Colossus waited patiently for us to come around the learning curve. Throughout the troubleshooting, there was a John at Hauppauge I was probably driving crazy with all my goofy questions, Props to him for his help and patience, good job with customer support guys, A+.

   In this shot the Colossus is the topmost card, just under the cooling hoses. This was the ONLY PCIe slot open, because the graphics card blocked the other one. It fit fine though, no problems.



Small aside: Hey - I see my trusty Swiss Army knife, lol, it has been on PC jobs for some 20 years. I remember using it to install network cards ( I believe Intel EtherPro 16 ISA cards using the BNC connectors ) on the original home network. We had 5 various PC’s from a Dos 386 to a OS2 Warp4 P2, a couple Win 95 machines, and a Linux file / media Server, ah those were the days, checking for bad terminators and loose connectors, not to mention the time a mouse chewed through a cable under the house... I remember using Lantastic, back then and sharing a dial-up connection with all the machines; we even had the Dos machine on the internet. 33.6 baby, wow I’m getting old...









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