First there are the stock fans in the Case, being one in the rear 120 mm and one in the front 120 mm. We added the Antec Kuhler H20 620 and mounted the radiator on the inside of the rear fan. We then used the fan included with the Kuhler on the top of the case (it was also a 120 mm) We added a std size case fan to the side of the hard drive mounts for additional cooling. This we carefully thought out, and over engineered the mountings to withstand the most rigorous of uses. Ok, we zip tied it on... hey, it works. So far we have not caught the CPU temp over 30 degrees C, even OC’d to 3.8 and running one of the test programs, CPU id or Memtest, I forgot which it was, sorry, one that was a test for the CPU temp. Also I realize there is an issue with one of the temp check registering a low temp, I’m not sure if this is the one.

Well you’ll have to take my word for it, there is a fan in the front, you can see the one at the rear.









The mounts are installed for the Kuhler










This shows the back plate for the Kuhler






And finally Installed into the case: the pump wires connect to the CPU Fan connector. It was extremely easy to install this, with the motherboard out. The radiator is mounted to it’s own fan I believe, and they replaced the rear case fan, which we mounted to the top of the case.







What was the rear fan is on top now.















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