I spent a lot of time checking out motherboards, and this one seemed to come to the top of all my lists. The Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 has it all as far as I can see, 2 PCIe slots, SATA 3, lots of USB ports including USB 3, and extra power for charging off them (even with the system off!). IDE ports, floppy controller, even an LPT port. On top of it all, this board looks very nice.

The board as it comes...













The 1090T and stock cooler installed for testing.


The sockets for the ram were positioned just out of the path of the video card. 1 stick of A-Data USA 4 GB 2000MHz gaming ram for testing.


Close quarters.


Yea, the video card needs a little room... we were warned it was large... it is


Ok, power everywhere, and post this thing.





Next: CPU


















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