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We had quite a pile of crap before we finally got to putting it all together...

No page for the Monitor, UPS, LPT card, or Cables, sorry... but we can get a few more completed pics when we can

Ok, maybe you caught that... LPT card, well, there was no connector to go from the motherboard to the back panel mount like there used to be on a lot of the older computers. I have not saved any of them so I had to put in a PCI card for the LPT port. The guys have an old HP laser printer which works great for printing lots of stuff with no ink, the toner lasts forever.

The UPS is a MUST where we live. There are quite a few short power ‘bilnks’ where it will be off for 1 to 5 minutes. There doesn’t seem to be any reason, no storm, or high wind; just a blink. A few of those can toast things a bit.











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