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I have been partial to ATI cards for some time now, well, since I got away from Cirrus Logic, Matrox Millenium, and Trident, and got my first ATI TV card. But, that ain’t gonna cut it for this job. We were looking for outstanding graphics for games today, and tomorrow. I was shooting for something that would play Crysis at a top notch level, and still came back to the Radeon (was ATI, now AMD) 6950. We chose the HIS flavor, HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo 2Gb (256bit) Gddr5. It is a BEAST of a card, more like a module, or a brick (a really cool brick at that)

When we took this thing out of the box I was wondering if there was some mistake. There’s no way that will EVER fit... It did, just.


This is a SWEET “little” card. Ice makes it all cool man, like the pretty blue plastic. It is fairly quiet as well. I don’t quite understand why the system is sharing memory with it, in the Windows Computer properties it shows 5880 some megs (almost 6 Gb) of available graphics memory. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, maybe the system memory might slow it down; I dunno, more research required. 100_4393




Don’t forget the power cables to connect this to the power supply...












Here it is almost ready to test post: (like our adapter?)


A digressing note:

   My first computer was an Atari 1200XL, and my first PC was an IBM PS2... (courtesy of Boeing Surplus:) oh yea, try to find those device drivers... So you can just imagine my first real power house computer, a “686” from RE-PC with all used components, and a Whopping 8 gig Maxtor hard drive, ”Holy crap, I’ll never fill that!” Oh yea. I put a little Warp on that baby so I could... “Do More...” Life goes on eh?









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