Pig Facility Chapter 1






   I really would like to have a way to pasture my hogs, and eventually might get there, but until I can, I have to keep them in pens. Since they cannot graze, I give them feed. They do need to eat, even if it’s not grass.

   I don’t really like the sound of that word, facility, but for lack of a better choice, I’ll use it for now. What I needed was a place to feed pigs separately, load them into the trailer, store feed, and have a sick bay (ok, I’m a StarTrek fan) I wanted a place I could let a sow have her babies out of the weather for the first few days, do the dirty deed of castrating the little boars for growers, keep them inside for a few days afterwards and have a warm area for them in the first week or so. Also, James has a couple show hogs that we need to feed separate to get them on track for their weight, etc.



 To see the pictures in a larger form check the Gallery, some are huge, some are small crummy celly pics. If you follow the story below, I’ll have a few videos added once I narrate them, (there was so much wind it drowned out the talker, me)




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  • Planning

       So I made plans to build a small shed, with a raised floor on half of it to match the trailer, to make it easy to load out. I will make ramps for the hogs to get into that half. I figure the weaned pigs will go on that side, and the larger hogs and sows will be on the ground level side. I’m basically building a pole barn type building, with stalls, gates, ramps, and a room for feed and such. I plan to eventually put a gutter on the pen side and add a couple totes to increase my water capacity. I will connect the existing 2 totes I have on the cow shed gutters to nipples around this shed, for now, then add in the others later. Originally I had planned it to be 12 by 24, however when I picked up the lumber, they loaded me with 14 foot 2 by 6’s for the floor joists. I hate to create more scrap than necessary, so I increased the size of the raised floor side by 2 feet, making the building now 12 by 26. So I finally got the materials to start the project, and got started.


    The beginnings of the materials. (about $500 worth)

    Video #1 - the plan

    Vid 2 - material

    Vid 3 - the area

  • Prep
  • Holes
  • Poles
  • Framing 1
  • Framing 2
  • Floor and Roof
  • Roof 1
  • Roof 2
  • Battons
  • Roof Tin



























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