Gaps Explained


Gaps Explained

Gaps Explained

I'm trying to maximize the useage of the plywood, so I'm cutting pieces for other areas of the house as they fit into the cutting plan for the plywood. If I cut as I go I would end up only getting 2 panels out of some of the sheets, wasting a lot of plywood. If I cut 1 at 35, 1 at 32, 1 at 30 (or just shy) I have no waste. Some sheets I got 4 panels out of, because this side has a lot of short panels, 19-21 inches, so I mixed in some longer ones to get even more out of those sheets. The reason the wood did not cover the post at the left is because it was out too far and it did not line up with the siding, so I had to run the wood in-board a little. The panels all tuck under the lip of the siding.












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