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Photo102There were no tunes in this, at least what was there wouldn’t work. So we took out the cheesy Pioneer pod speakers from the doors (4 inch) that always were in the way to get into the truck. Removed the rotten dash speakers, rewired the deck (which then worked!) I used the Peel and Seal from Lowes, for sound deadener. I put in Lanzar VX830 VX 8-Inch Three-Way Speakers ijn the doors and Pyle PL42BL 4-Inch 180 Watt Two-Way Speakers in the dash and added a Boss CW350 Chaos Wired 400 Watt 4-Channel amp. Basically $150 bucks. But it sounds good for a farm truck! While I was there I replaced the window felts and seals. I took apart the wing windows and cleaned up and painted the frames, and soaked the seals in rubber treatment (like Armour All, kinda). The Toyota parts were just about $200. I also replaced the stock mirrors with ones off a F-150 we are getting ready to scrap. These will get out past the flat bed and can swing in. I had to replace a head on the passenger side with one Will had... Thanks, Will :)











That covered the ugly holes left from the old junk
Cleaned and greased all the window linkage so it works good as it can.






































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