Week 17 – April Garden Updates

Each week I have to go back and re-read my previous week’s post just to remember where I was last week. For some reason, this week I read the post for week 16, and thought somehow I had skipped a week… I planted those peanuts longer ago than that… didn’t I? I had to check my dates… ok, this is right, but all that seems like a long time ago… odd because things usually seem like just yesterday. Oh well, lol…
Well, the Sweet potato is trying it’s heart out to make some slips for me, but boy is it being slow. Next year I hope the ones I save do better. I’m just hoping they had some sort of spray to stop them from sprouting, because I usually have them shoot forth from the sweet potato when I do this. These guys are painful to watch, lol.


Rather slow progress of the store bought Sweet Potato

The battle goes on with the Tomatoes in the greenhouse. I have no clue why I am wasting so much time to save these. I just think I should be able to donate them to a worthy cause. I have tried the Senior Center, and a local children’s home (Orphanage of sorts), and the Community Garden in Gonzales. So far, nada. A friend has taken some, but there are plenty left still. This week for the Master Gardener’s class we had a trip to the Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower Center near Austin, and it was a bit of a trip, and I knew I wasn’t getting back until afternoon sometime. I left at 7am or so. On these occasions, I have to guess how much to roll up the sides of the greenhouse, whether or not to turn on the fan, if I should prop the door open partly, or all the way…etc etc. We get more than the normal wind on this little hill, and which way it blows from is a key factor as to if the greenhouse will heat up to 120 by 10 o’clock, or if the plants will all be blown down off the shelf. At any rate, it never fails, the weather changes about the time I leave, and I have the setup all wrong. This time was no exception, and I returned to plants blown everywhere, and half baked. It takes me a good hour or two to set everything right, and water what needs it, and say a little prayer over the worst looking plants…


The mess I have to deal with 2-3 times a day sometimes… ugh



Mis-judged the heat, and wind when I left for the Master Gardeners class in Austin.

In the garden the tomatoes are growing like crazy, and they are putting on the fruits. The White Wonder, White Tomesol, Orange Strawberry, Orange Oxheart, Golden Treasure, well, lets say, I think all the varieties have some extent of fruit on them, lol. Some I have already sampled, and once I get a good sample from each of the types, I’ll give my taste test results, yum..


Orange Oxheart Tomato well on it’s way

I have been arguing with myself about how to support the 120 some odd Tomatoes in the garden, and came up with this for a solution. There are just too many to make individual cages. So support walls seemed like the choice to go with. “Tee” posts, rebar, and old used fencing was the building materials of choice, since all I had to buy was the rebar. These are as tall as I am, but I really think they need to be taller for the plants, we’ll see how this works. I still have only put up 3 of these 16 feet long, I need 3 more just like them, and one wall 35 feet long. I have been trying to weed beds as I work on stuff, so when I put up the supports, I weeded, when I tie up the Tomatoes, I weed. It is a slow process, but I can slowly see a little change overall.

Tomato Support walls

Tomato Support walls

The Peanuts germinated fantastic, and I think nearly all of them popped. There was a few seeds that were shriveled, and I thought they looked unviable, but I put them in a pot anyways, and even some of them germinated.


Peanut germinating


Way back on Week 3 of these garden blogs, I started some Beets in little paper pots, and on Week 5 I transplanted them into the garden. I finally got to harvest some of them. There has been a bit of a problem with something (I’m blaming the rabbits for now) eating the shoulders off the top of the beets. Really frustrating, since when they do that, the beet pretty much seems to stop growing. Still, there are plenty of decent sized ones to be had.


One of the beets I started in tiny paper boxes…

The peanuts are really surprising how fast they are growing. I need to get a bed ready for them very soon…


Peanut seedlings grow fast

There are a lot of solo cups full of watermelon, cantaloupe, various winter, and summer squash, and pumpkin all over the greenhouse. They will need to go out in a week or two probably.

Some of the many starts in the greenhouse

Some of the many starts in the greenhouse

Many of the Cherry type Tomatoes in the greenhouse have been putting out tomatoes for a few weeks, and they’re increasing daily. They make for a little incentive to deal with them, but not enough, lol.

Almost ripe tomato in the greenhouse

Almost ripe tomatoes in the greenhouse

What it looks like in the greenhouse this week…


In the garden I got a fair start on tilling up the big area, where melons, corn, Okra, Pumpkins, and the like are supposed to be right now. I am soooo far behind right now there is little chance I will see them mature. Mad at me for not having the time to get it done, but, I will keep trying, and at least it will be ready for a crazy full Fall garden, I hope.


Getting more tilling done

Was tying up tomatoes and found this little guy… Eat lots of bugs little lizard… Shhh, he doesn’t realize he’s not a chameleon…


Lizard in the Tomato plants

Eggplants are finally set out. These are Apple Green, and Casper varieties. They are having a tough time recovering from the transplanting with all the crummy weather, but maybe… In this pic they still looked pretty good.


Eggplants just set out

Put in a couple peppers in the bed where there was a space. I have enough Pepper plants in the greenhouse for another whole bed like this. Mostly hot peppers. I seeded some Bell peppers and Banana peppers last week in the greenhouse, but I have yet to see them germinate.


Peppers near, and Beets and Tomatillos far

This is the bed I put in transplants of Mexican Variety, and Aunt Molly Tomatillos. They looked sad in the greenhouse, and still aren’t real happy. I had to replace 2 of them that died with Purple Tomatillos from the greenhouse.


Tomatillo Bed #2

Another look at the Tomato supports…


3 Tomato supports in so far

The Crawford re-seeding Lettuce is getting close to flowering, and as soon as they make some seeds, and I collect them, they will get replaced by something else. We have had some decent carrots from this bed, but there just isn’t a lot of them. I must do better in the Fall.


Sad Carrot stand near, and Crawford Re-Seeding Lettuce far

There are some tomatoes getting ripe in the garden.


Smarty F1 Tomatoes in the garden

And some just growing into nice sized toms.


Orange Oxheart Tomatoes in the garden

The peppers are getting going.


Big Jim Peppers, still young



Big Bertha Peppers from the GMG Plant Sale

The Tomatillos are flowering like crazy, well, at least the Purple ones. The Mexican Strain and the Aunt Molly’s are kinda sad.


Purple Tomatillo with lots of flowers

Oops, I forgot to get this guy for the kitchen, again…


Kohlrabi ready to go to the kitchen

This bed will be where I set out the Tobacco, once the weather settles down. We’ve been getting some crazy storms come through. Winds last nigh were really bad, and I spent a bit of time tying up and propping up, and staking up various things.


Another bed ready



Tomato patch in the garden

Not really what I usually have for carrots, but they taste great.


Grabbed a few more Carrots for the kitchen

Well, it’s going to be a short week with this being so late… better start on next week’s blog now, if I want it to be done on time…!!!

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