Exciting News for The Ohl Farm!

Well, it’s nearly Thanksgiving, and we have a renewed plan for the farm.. I’m not going to spill all the beans just yet… as I intend to do that over the next few 20161113_075231days, and weeks, and bring people with me on a very new and exciting journey. It will be just as much of an adventure for me, as I hope it is for people following my social media sites. I just hope I can do justice to the journey… I have had issues keeping the blog going on an ongoing basis for long periods of time. I simply get bogged down in the day to day life, and don’t have time, or don’t have what I feel is a worthy subject to talk about. I had a renewed effort to do a blog post weekly about the garden this year, and followed pretty close until disaster struck, and I spent days and days trying to recover, and had countless setbacks. I have identified most of the problems, (there were many) and a small part of the new journey deals with fixing those, and having a really good garden. I raise Red Wattle hogs, and have for a few years, (since 2010). I have chickens, Turkeys, and goats.. They are all going to be part of the new Journey. I have no fruit to speak of… that, is also part of the new Journey. 20161017_104324

So… what is it.. this New Journey for The Ohl Farm? Well, I’m going to be raising Red Wattle Hogs, Bourbon Red Turkeys, Barnyard chickens, Goats, growing fruit, and a garden!!!


…umm, you already do that…

So, how can this be a new Journey? Well, I am completely changing it up. The Market Garden will become something else. And a new effort begins to forge an all new Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard. There is going to be a new plan for the hogs (which I have SOOO wanted to do for SOOO long…) The Turks will be cranking up a notch, the Hens for egg production will have a better situation in regards to the number of Roosters. The Roosters…. um… they might not have things so good… but, hey, someone needs to feed the farmer after all…

Yea… I am still just one guy… Still not exactly healthy, and still not making the changes I need to to help myself. But, this is a start. I need to feel happy. I need to feel like I am doing the right things, for the animals, for the gardens, and for the ground itself. The ground that makes up the entirety of this little patch we call a farm. It is a terribly abused patch of land, from years of people taking from the land, and not giving back. I want the Roosters to feed me… I want the gardens to feed me… I want the Hogs to feed me… I need to feed the land in return. No, actually, I need to feed the land to make it possible for the cycle to begin, the get the ball rolling, to push that wheel, that circle of life.20160530_194856-sm

Join me on on what I hope is a learning experience. I will share what I know, what I learn, and what mistakes I make. When I have a crushing setback, I will pull you through that as well. No holding back. You will see just what it is really like. Truth, honesty, reality. Beginning to end,  birth to butcher, seed to harvest. You want to be a farmer? You want to know what a small farmer goes through? You want to know what not to do? Yea.. me too, lol

So, join me, join the animals, join The Ohl Farm. Tell your friends to join me, tell their family to join. I need 20160520_073451-smaccountability, that comes with people watching what I do. If people are watching, I know I can get called out, lol. I welcome that. See a grand error? comment, sometimes I am blind to what stares me in the face, and I can take the heat. It takes a lot to hurt these feelings, lol. I’m going to tell it like it is, good bad and ugly. I just really hope there is a lot less ugly…

Give me a few days to get through some obligations I have, and I will post a few tidbits along the way. Pictures are coming, as well as ways you can help me spread the word, and ways you can help my efforts, without guilt. I am on FaceBook, as well as this blog, my Website, and Instagram. I think there are other places I have accounts, but that is all I can afford to work with in the time I have. I plan to lay out the way I plan to use all these tools, and let you know how you can follow the story, the way that works best for you. I sure hope I can pull this off, Stay tuned to the next post, where I will share where and when the dream started…

Peace, Love, and Dream Big…. Mike O

PS: You might notice links to Amazon products popping up on this Blog… In a small way, maybe, just maybe something will be interesting to someone. These are affiliate links, so if you were to buy something from clicking the links, I would be compensated a fraction of the sales price. It’s still the same cost to you, I would just make a few bits for the referral. So, if you want to buy something anyhow, it would support my efforts… Thanks..

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