About Red Wattle Hogs

That IS what this blog was born from, a need to connect Red Wattle Hog owners and breeders together in more ways. There is the RWHA (Red Wattle Hog Association), which is a great way to get all kinds of info. There is the ALBC  (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy). There are other sites scattered all over the internet you can find by searching for endless hours. I have started a Google Map for Red Wattle owners and breeders, if you are one, E-mail me and I would gladly add you to the list and Map! I will soon have a Link page for all the Red Wattle Websites I can find as well as a link page to all the info and Press articles, Restaraunt links, and Recipies I have found. Once I get these pages I will be adding links over time. If you have a website with your Red Wattles on it, or other link , send it and a message in a comment here.

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