Kevin’s How-to: “Pig Waterer”

James has a small gilt as his FFA project. The guys have been pretty busy with the HS band and we have had little opportunity to work on the ‘pig digs’, as I won’t do it for him. (Since it is supposed to be HIS project). We hadn’t gotten his water setup finished and today was the day we had earmarked for that as well as putting up a small shelter. Kevin however needed to put together a how-to project for speech class and was having a tough time getting a topic. Early this morning James was asked to go hunting with a buddy of his, (who has repeatedly invited him only to be turned down for various reasons, mostly pig related) So, I caved and said yes, leaving our pig catch up day scrubbed. Hmm, so I told Kevin to come help build the waterer. (James will be helping build the next one) Here is Kevin’s How-to, I just pulled the content from his Power Point handout, and posted it as-is.


Tools Required
 A Pipe (length fit for your height), a drill and bit, (extension if needed), Thread seal tape, a Pipe wrench, a regular wrench, a plier, a pig watering nipple, an L- shaped Pipe Connector, A pipe reducer, and a ½ inch coupling.        


Step 1
Glue pipe reducer to pipe. It should look like this:

Step 2
Go to the animal’s enclosure and drill a hole into it.

Step 3
Get the ½ inch coupling and start wrapping the sealing tape around it. Note: Roll the pipe not the tape’s container, or else it will not work right.

Step 4
Repeat step 3 with L-shaped pipe connector.

Step 5
Connect the ½ inch coupling to the L-shaped pipe connector.

Step 6
Attach reduced pipe to L-shaped pipe connector and ½ inch coupling.

Step 7
Use a wire to connect the pipe to the enclosure.

Step 8
Attach nipple to ½ inch coupling.

Step 9- Final Step
Pour water into the pipe. As an optional 10th step, you can also cover the pipe.

Here is his speech to present with the hand out:

How to create a Watering System from scratch
Hello, today I will tell you if you decide to raise a pig how to construct a Watering System from scratch in case there is no water supply nearby. First, you must gather all of the following tools:
• A cordless drill
• 7/8 wood bit and maybe an extension
• Pipe wrench
• Channel lock pliers
• Regular pliers

You’ll need these materials also:
• about 2 to 3 feet of 4” pipe
• Thread seal tape
• a watering nipple
• ½ inch street Ell (L-shaped pipe)
• 4 inch coupler
• a 4inch to 2 inch pipe reducer
• 2 inch to ½ inch FPT reducer
• a ½ inch coupling
• a piece of ½ inch pipe 8 to 10 inches long

First step, glue the coupler and reducers to the pipe.
Second step, drill a hole into a post of the animal’s enclosure. An additional note: you may need an extension for the drill bit to be able to reach all the way through.
Third Step, wrap the sealing tape around all the pipe threads.
Fourth step, Tape the threads on the street Ell
Fifth Step, connect the pipe connector to the coupling. (Don’t forget to put it through the post)
Sixth step, attach the pipe to the product of step 5 (unfortunately, step 5’s result isn’t shown.)
Seventh step, get out the pliers and start wrapping wire around the product of step 6 to connect it to the enclosure’s post.
Eighth step, attach the nipple to the product of step 7. Your system is built, but…
For step 9, and the final necessary step, you must pour water into the system (or step 8’s product.
The final and unnecessary step is to cover the system with preferably a coffee can to keep out debris.
This is how to build a watering system. Thank you for listening.

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